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St. Louis Jeweler - Staff

You are Only as Good as Your People


I constantly work on Our website, trying to keep things current.  But this page has very few changes to make, as the Vincent's Team stays very consistent.   I also notice that many other Independent Jewelers don't list or even mention their staff.   Well, I am proud of the Vincent's Family and don't want to hide the fact that most have decades of Industry experience with an average tenure at Vincent's of 15 years !  (4 with 25+, 3 with 20+,1 with 15+)


All that I do on this website, and the other sites associated with Vincent's Jewelers has no meaning without this team of hard working professionals.  


When you visit the store, you will find that we are truly a family:  working, laughing, cheering, and yes even crying together; everyday as a family.     


Leo Anglo

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Nick Sansone

Deanna George

Charlie Sidebottom



Jan Zeid
Completed Her Journey Here on Earth

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