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Vito Lentini

30+ Years of Experience





The three most enjoyable functions of my 25+ years in the Jewelry Industry have been Customer Service, Customer Service, and Customer Service.  Whether as an Employee or Owner, I truly enjoy helping people find or create that special piece of Jewelry. The creation of Jewelry Designs was recently highlighted by one of my designs winning the Best of Show Honors at the 2004 Missouri Jewelers and Watchmakers Association Design Contest. I also received great satisfaction in seeing two of my staff members winning 1st place honors in their respective categories.


As the Owner of Vincent’s Jewelers, my main philosophy is simple . . . “I don’t want a sale, I want a customer for Life”.   Everything we do centers around this philosophy.   Feel comfortable to tell anyone of the Vincent Jewelers Team that they are not making you feel that you want to be a life long customer.  You can also speak with one of my veteran managers:  Mario Brancato the sales manager or Leo Anglo the General Manager.  Both are long-time and professional members of the Vincent’s Team.  If you need stronger reassurance that we want you as “a customer for life”, come directly to me.  


My office is not hidden away in the back room, or upstairs away from the sales floor; I don’t even have an office.  My desk is right behind the front counter where it belongs, so I am always available to personally prove to you that we want customers for life..

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