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Designer Jewelry

Big Name Brand Designer Jewelry  in St. Louis

"Big name brand" designer styles and quality

for 30%-50% less !!!

Vincent's Jewelers has had a goal of bringing top quality jewelry

to our customers at a fair price for over 35 years !

Vincent's Jewelers does not carry the nationally advertised "big name brand" designer lines.   Yes, there are many nice styles that they design and are produced with top quality. . . BUT . . . we have never been able to justify the huge premiums these lines often charge for what they provide.    When it comes down to it, you are buying from us, it is us that will ultimately service and stand behind the jewelry we sell.   So why pay the huge premium whn you don't have to ?


Because of these unjustified premiums, we have focused on finding alternative manufactures that have unique styles at equal quality with 30%-50% savings.   We can also custom design a one of a kind piece of jewelry just for you, that is equal in quality and still less than the "big name brand" designer price !  

With Vincent's Jewelers,
your money goes to Diamonds and Jewelry not a name. 
We bring you Top Quality Jewelry at great values,
not overpriced jewelry with a fancy name brand that can double the price you pay !

Here are some facts to consider when considering the "big name brand" designers:

  • Is there something else you could use the premium that you are paying for the "big name brand" designer jeweler for ? Maybe a BIGGER Diamond !

  • If these "big name brand" designs are nationally advertised, that will mean hundreds if not thousands of people will have the exact same ring you have !

  • The retailers who carry these "big name brand" designers are often forced to invest heavily into the line, increasing the overhead for that retailer . .. that you have to pay for as well !


  • If you ever want to trade in the "big name brand" designer item, you will quickly find out the premium you are paying.  If for some reason you want to sell the "big name brand" designer item you will get a rude awakening !    Try trading or selling an item from a "big name brand" designer back to the same retailer you purchased it from. 

  • Often the Retailer who sells you the "big name brand" designer jewelry will buy the center diamond back, but not even make an offer on the "big name brand" designer engagement ring !

Our Alternative Manufacturers:

  • These alternative manufacturers make thousands of amazing unique styles with the same quality, for 30% to 50% less and will not be selling thousands of any one style !

  • These alternative manufactures will often produce very similar designs of the so called "big name designers", but again at 30% to 50% less ! 

  • Some of these alternative manufactures actually manufacture for the "big name brand" designers.

Alternative Option, Custom Designed Jewelry:

Vincent's Jewelers has the capability of making a one of a kind piece of jewelry just for you, that is equal in quality and still less than the "big name brand" designer price !

St. Louis Custom Jeweler
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