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Custom Jewelry in St. Louis

"Design Your Own Jewelry"

Vincent's Jewelers provides Traditional Custom Design Techniques as well as Modern Computer Aided Design Techniques

Video of Traditional Custom Design Process

Video about Computer Added Design (CAD)

Vincent's Jewelers has a complete manufacturing facility in Our Store, allowing us to do much of Our Design and Production here in Our Store. With several Award-winning designers on staff, we can take your ideas, or a simple sketch, and transform it into a beautiful piece of Custom Jewelry.


We can start from scratch, or start the process ultilizing pieces you have now, or utilizing gemstones you have or were given to you from a relative.    Simply, you can make something new out of old items.   We often make jewelry out of Parents or Grandparents Jewelry, giving it very special meaning. 


We have added Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Our capabilities.  So you can watch the videos above utlizing the Traditional method or the video Demonstrating the CAD method.


Lets's Walk through the Process of using Counter Sketch

Using Computer Aided Design to Make Your Own Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Custom Jewelry: Step 1


The first step is to get to some basic aspects, in this case it was an Oval Diamond Center and a Halo Style Mounting.    The halo is made to the exact length and width ratio of the diamond, so there are no odd gaps. a perfect fit ! 

Then you can start making some changes, Mom can even help ! 

Special Thanks to Our "Poster" Couple

Dan Borders and Lindsey Ring

Custom Engagement Ring Couple
Custom Engagement Ring Couple
St. Louis Custom Jeweler
Engagement Customer works  with Computer Aided Design
Mom helps with a custom designed engagement ring in St. Louis
Make changes to a custom engagment ring

"Working with Vincents Jewelers on the design of our engagement ring was much more simple than expected.  The staff gave me plenty of information and ideas to create the perfect ring.  The process gave the proposal and the ring a truly personal touch."       Dan Borders

Custom Jewelry: STEP 2


You can try different changes, you can see what each will look like. 

All these images are computer renderings, even the images on a hand. 

Custom Engagement Ring Rendering
Custom Engagement Ring Rendering
Custom Engagement Ring Rendering
Custom Engagement Ring Rendering
Custom Engagement Ring Rendering on a hand
Custom Engagement Ring Rendering on a hand

Custom Jewelry: STEP 3


We send out the detail file for production.  

They will send back images every step of the process: Detailed Computer Rendering, Production Layout, Wax, Casting, Finished Ring

Production Diagram for a Custom Engagement Ring
Final Rendering of a Custom RIng in St. Louis
Wax of a Custom Designed Engagement Ring
Casting of a Custom Designed Engagement Ring
Custom Designed Engagement Ring in St. Louis

Custom Jewelry: STEP 4


Pick up the ring, find a romatic way to propose, and get a YES !

Just Engaged in St. Louis
Couple with their Custom Engagement Ring
Family suprises Engagement Couple in St. Louis
A Vincent's Engagement Rung Proposal
Engagement Proposal Gets a Yes !
Custom Engagement Ring given in St. Louis
Happy Family pictured with a Custom Enagement Ring

"I don't think I have ever been more surprised than the night Dan proposed, and my engagement ring was the icing on the cake! The quality of the diamond and the gorgeous design are beyond anything I've ever expected. It means so much more because Dan designed the ring himself, making it one-of-a-kind. Whether it was having my engagement ring sized or finding the perfect wedding bands, every interaction I have had with Vincents has been easy, informative, and full of stunning options. Thank you for helping us with such a joyful time in our lives!"        Lindsey Ring

Custom engagement Ring Couple
Vincent's Jewelers Engagement Rings
Custom engagement Ring Couple
Custom engagement Ring Couple
Custom engagement Ring Couple
Custom engagement Ring Couple
Custom engagement Ring Couple

Special Thanks to Our "Poster" Couple

Dan Borders and Lindsey (Ring) Borders

Custom Jewelry STEP 5


Walk down the aisle and say "I DO"

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