Leo Anglo

General Manager / Buyer
35+ Years of Experience

G.I.A. Diamonds & Diamond Grading
G.I.A. Accredited Jewelry Professional
J.A. Certified Senior Management Professional
J.A. Certified Senior Sales Professional

Board Member since 1998

Past President (2007-2008) & Current President:

Missouri Jewelers Association


B.S. Finance: St. Louis University
M.B.A. St. Louis University



Leo was born and raised in the St. Louis area.  He attended St. Matthias the Apostle grade school and Vianney High School.  Leo received his B.S. in Finance and his M.B.A. from St. Louis University.


With more than 35 years of experience in the Jewelry Industry, which ranges from sales, bench jeweler, and management. As the General Manager, Leo is responsible for Long-Term Strategic Planning, the Day-to-Day business Operations, Web Design and Development, Marketing and Promotions, and Supervises our repair and manufacturing facility. As the Main Buyer, Leo works with our vendors and also handles the purchasing and consignment of Estate Jewelry. However, as with all retail employees, Leo also enjoys being on the sales floor working with customers as well.

Leo's activities in the jewelry industry has made him a widely respected leader in the jewelry industry.  His goal has always been to make the industry better for those in it, as well as for the consumer.  Leo works up-front, and behind the scenes, to improve the image and awareness of the industry, and was instrumental in promoting and establishing the protocol used to protect vendors and jewelers against crime.  He has designed and presented educational seminars for the jewelry industry as well as doing presentations for Grade Schools, High Schools,  Universities, and Civic Organizations.  Leo's efforts to continually make improvements are often done through the Missouri Jewelers  Association; and is a recent past President of the Association and is still active in the organization, by once again serving on the Board of Directors. Leo has been a regular contributer to many Industry Trade Publications.

If you have any comments regarding the operations of the Store,

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Leo has served on Civic Boards, Municipal Boards, Charitable Boards, and Jewelry Industry Boards. 


Leo also manages most of the Charitable events that Vincent's Jewelers is involved in.   Usually standing in front of the famous Vincent's Jewelers Prize Wheel, bringing screams and laughter.  Vincent's directly helps raise well over $50,000 per year for these various St. Louis Area Charities, raising well over 1.25 million dollars over the years!    When Leo attends a Charity Event, it is selling raffle tickets for Jewelry we have donated, or standing in front of the famous Jewelry Prize Wheel, to cleaning up after the event.


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vianney giving2
Leo Help

Helping Crisis Nursery

Leo with his Crisis Nursery "Babies" and Daughter Claire Anglo

Helping Bring Fun to an Event

Helping Bring Fun to an Event


Who will find the BIG MONEY

Leo barking out the Prizes

The Wheel at United Cerebral Palsy

A Crowd Forms Around the Wheel

Ok, Our Job is to raise money bring fun to all

Will He Win the Grand Prize

Ok, Le's See if YOU won

And the Highest Spin is ??? As Daughter Claire Anglo Monitors it all

16 Vincent Booth

Stir up the Cash

bro marvin

Pot of Gold


That is an Easy Putt

Ok, if your golf game is not so good, eat some chips

Golf Fun

Leo & Mr. Matthews of Matthews - Dickey are up to something

Leo telling what it is all about

Someone got a surprise pair of Diamond Stud Earrings

And She is going to WEAR them NOW !

Beyond the Best Leo2a sml

On Fridays, his normal day off at Vincent's.  You will find him at one of his "other" jobs.   He is a regular weekly volunteer at LaSalle Retreat Center in Wildwood MO.   You might see him on a tractor cutting down fields, or up patching a roof, or cutting down trees, or Repairing & Maintaining Equipment, or plastering/painting Walls or moving boulders for Brother Marvin . . . whatever is needed.


Somewhere in this busy schedule, you may find him late at night building or repairing something for his Church (Sacred Heart in Valley Park).    You will find him in the Dish Room for the Annual Lenton Fish Frys.   He can also be found with other fathers working to help their Daughters School (Cor Jesu Academy).   You may also see him helping out at Maryville University as a proud parent as well.   You may find him on the side of the road helpig change a flat tire, or bringing gas to a stranded motorist, removing snow from a sidewalk for an unknown elderly person.   Over the last 15+ years, Leo has logged in over 500 hard working service hours per year !


Service is not What You Do, it is Who You are Every Day !  


“Anyone wanting to be the Greatest must be the Least ...The Servant of All ! ” Mark 9:35


Whether it is stopping on the side of the road helping someone in need, or not leaving until everyone has left safely.  It could be a shoulder to cry on, or an encouraging word.  Service is a mind set to be openly looking for those in need . . . looking to serve in whatever way needed !

bro marvin.jpeg