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Staff Christmas Pick

St. Louis Jewelry Experts Pick for the Season

I am an endless romantic, there is nothing like getting Engaged During the Christmas Season, with Family and Friends.

We pride ourselves of having a full selection of Engagement Rings Styles to Choose from.   As far as Diamond Slection, we have that well covered as well

Convertible Earring Jackets

I'm with Marc this year.   The classic that every women loves.   The trend today is to wear more than one pair.   

If you think she has enough pairs, you can alway upgrade


He is still Deciding !!

I am all for classics, every women should a pair of diamond studs.   If you have a pair of studs already you can upgrade to  bigger.     You can also add earring jackets.   


We have traditional Earring Jackets as well as "convertible" Jackets that can be worn two ways.

You can check out all of Our Earrings by clicking the link.

Convertible Earring Jackets

I think it is nice when a Christmas gift is as unique as the people giving and receivng it. 


With that in mind, there is nothing like creating your own unique piece of Jewelry as a Christmas Gift !


It does take a bit more time to create the gift, so make sure you start early !


Convertible Earring Jackets

I love Estate Jewelry, you can see Jewelry Pieces you will never see anywhere else.    A truly unique one of a kind special gift for someone.

We refurbish the items to make sure they can carry on the legacy.

ESTATE 2.jpg

The Stackable Collection is my pick for the Season.   It gives you a truly endless number of choices, and can fit any budget.   

Any color of Gold: White, Yellow, or Rose  . . . with or wothout gemstones !

This all makes it possible for you to create your own unique look, better yet, you can build your collection over time as well. Each ring can resemble a milestone, memory, or child. Wearing a stack that if full of memories is a very special. 

Convertible Earring Jackets
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