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Staff Christmas Pick

St. Louis Jewelry Experts Pick for the Season

I am an endless romantic, there is nothing like getting Engaged During the Christmas Season, with Family and Friends.

We pride ourselves of having a full selection of Engagement Rings Styles to Choose from.   As far as Diamond Selection, we have that well covered as well

Convertible Earring Jackets

I Love the new Flex Bracelets.   We carry 4 different lines, so we have them starting at just $125.   


They contour to a wrist so they stay facing up.   AND with the "Flex", they don't dent as easy.  

STYLE # FSBG5106S8WS.jpg

I think it would be fun to pick out 12 items from the store and do the 12 days of Christmas. 


I can help you do that, and fit any budget.

12 Days of Christmas

I am all for classics, every women should a pair of diamond studs.   If you have a pair of studs already you can upgrade to a bigger size.     

We carry a selection of both Natural and Lab Grown Diamond Studs !

You can also add earring jackets.   


We have traditional Earring Jackets as well as "convertible" Jackets that can be worn two ways.

You can check out all of Our Earrings by clicking the link.

Convertible Earring Jackets

I think it is nice when a Christmas gift is as unique as the people giving and receiving it. 


With that in mind, there is nothing like creating your own unique piece of Jewelry as a Christmas Gift !


It does take a bit more time to create the gift, so make sure you start early !


Convertible Earring Jackets
Vincent Jewelers 013.jpg

I love Estate Jewelry, you can see Jewelry Pieces you will never see anywhere else.    A truly unique one of a kind special gift for someone.

We refurbish the items to make sure they can carry on the legacy.

ESTATE 2.jpg

The Stackable Collection is my pick for the Season.   It gives you a truly endless number of choices, and can fit any budget.   

Any color of Gold: White, Yellow, or Rose  . . . with or wothout gemstones !

This all makes it possible for you to create your own unique look, better yet, you can build your collection over time as well. Each ring can resemble a milestone, memory, or child. Wearing a stack that if full of memories is a very special. 

Convertible Earring Jackets

I love the technology, man making a DIAMOND.   

They have the same physical and chemical characteristics of a traditional mined diamond !   Simply they have the Beauty & Durability you would want, but at a 70-90% discount. 



I love Designing, and Creating Custom Jewelry, that includes your own personality !


70% OFF

I am always looking for deals !     


Some of the best deals can be found in the 70% of the Tagged Price cases, almost 800 items have been sold out of them already.


You just never know what you will find, and it's always being replenished, so you should visit the case year round !   

70 percent off 2.jpg
Anything in the Cases

As the person who enters all the Inventory, I like everything in the case already entered into inventory!!   

This Year, I have seen some of the most unique items come though, that can fit any budget !

Vincent Jewelers 085.jpg

I think I have an addiction to nice watches.   I started collecting them when I was young.   

I am always watching the Estate Watches that come in, Like Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and Omega.   

tutone sub rolex.jpg
Vincent Jewelers 106.jpg

I was born in July, and just Love Rubies. 

SO My Pick is Easy.


FE4019-1WDG_FP4019-1WDG_FR4019-1WDG_UpscaleBeige a.jpg
Ruby Jewelry
1147x1018_Color_Set_FR4066_FE4066_FP4066-4WCR (1).jpg
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