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Charlie Sidebottom

40+ Years of Experience
G.I.A. Diamonds & Diamond Grading

17 years of Wholesale Diamond Buying

25 years of Retail Experience



Charlie favorite saying in the store is "Be kind to your Elders". He says this because he is truly Our Elder. He has vast experience in the Jewelry Industry. He has travelled representing a Wholesale Diamond and Jewelry Operation. He has traveled to the Diamond Centers of the World, including Israel, Antwerp and India. He has worked in Retail Stores ranging from National Chain Stores to two man operations. He has shared this" Elder" experience with Vincent's Jewelers for 16 years.


His roots are in this area, as he graduated from Collinsville Illinois High School in 1967. He spent 4 yeas in the Air Force. He has been married for 40 years, and has two "grown" children.


It is his recent task that he has been asked to do for Vincent's that we share more about Charlie. He handles many of Our Customers that have Diamonds and Jewelry they want to sell. It takes Jewelry Experience and Knowledge along with Care and Compassion to do this in the manner Vincent's Jewelers customers expect and deserve. Charlie is a cancer survivor, as he had a bout with Prostate Cancer. He has accepted two rescue dogs in his house, Ken and Fergie. As you can see, Charlie was the perfect team member to ask to help Our Customers who have Diamonds and Jewelry to sell. It is obvious that he has the Jewelry Experience, and you can tell he has the commitment and compassion to truly help Our Customers needs.


What I Like Most About the Jewelry Business:

That there is always something new in Products, Diamond Cuts, Colored Stones and Styles. It is a constant progression across the board. Things that were once in style, regressed, then came back again. Change is good.

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