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St. Louis Jeweler and the Community

Vincent's Jewelers believes that being part of the St. Louis Community means Participating and Supporting the Community. We have served on Civic Boards, Municipal Boards, and Charitable Boards. We have been members of local Chambers of Commerce since Our inception.


We participate in many fund raising activities for Civic, Community, Religious, and Educational Not for Profit Organizations each year.   Vincent's Jewelers has also granted wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Vincent's directly helps raise well over $50,000 per year for these various St.  Louis Area Charitable organizations.   Over the years Vincent's Jewelers has helped raise a bit more than 1.7 million dollars, and over 10,000 volunteer hours !   In most cases, Our participation is not sitting at a table eating dinner, it is selling raffle tickets for Jewelry we have donated, or standing in front of the famous Jewelry Prize Wheel or running loser Bingo, to cleaning up after the event.


We are most proud of the many extra things we have done for Our Customers through the years right here in the store. Often through Random Acts of Kindness and helping Our Customers "Just Make It".


We are Your Home Town Jeweler

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