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St. Louis Gold Buyers

by Vincent's Jewelers

How It Works

If your looking to sell gold in St. Louis, bring your Items in for us to inspect . . . which we do immediately and right before your own eyes. You will be treated Professionally, Confidentially, and with the Courtesy you deserve.

We will sort the items by Precious Metal Type and with or without gemstone.

We will then break down the value of each piece, Metal and all Gemstones YES! We pay for the gemstones; we are aware that many other Gold Buyers in St Louis, MO don't pay for the gemstones. We are also aware that often you are charged to have gemstones "Broken Out" or you lose them. Maybe that is why they are called "Gold" buyers, that's all they are buying. We are full service "Jewelry Buyers" .

Again the key is . . . We are a Locally Owned and Operated Retail Jewelry Store and Gold Buyers in St Louis, MO that wants you as Our Customer. We are here to serve you in a Professional AND Fair Manner.

We will even indicate if an item can be totally refurbished and sold on consignment at a higher price. This analysis is logged in a book, so if you need to think about it . . .you can come back later to sell your gold and jewelry


The Gold Buyers of St Louis, MO

When you come in, bring all paperwork you may have; appraisals, receipts, lab reports, or certifications.

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