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St. Louis Gold Buyers

by Vincent's Jewelers

How Are We Different

Our Secrets that you Benefit from




Secret #1 is that we are a RETAIL JEWELRY STORE, and we did not just decide to start buying gold. . . nor did we open up a store just to Buy Gold . . . we have been providing the service to St. Louis customers for over 28 years!

BIG Secret #2 We Pay for Your Diamonds and Gems. Many other "Gold Buyers" do not pay for your Diamonds and Gems, but they will offer to "Break them Out" for you at "Your Risk" or you can just give your Diamonds and Gems to them for free! Again, we will pay you for your Diamonds and Gems. We are "Jewelry Buyers"

Secret #3 We actually use some of the the Gold we buy to manufacture new jewelry . . . this is why we CAN and DO . . .PAY MORE!

Secret #4 We are willing to pay more for your Gold because we are not looking to "Strike It Big" . . . we want you as a CUSTOMER!

Secret #5 We give you the same Courtesy, Respect, and Professionalism whether you are Buying, Selling, Trading, Repairing, or Appraising. Many businesses look down at and even take advantage of people needing to raise cash . . . we are here to serve you as equal customers and will help guide you in this need. . . . as you are a customer to us, a customer who can (If treated right) do future business with us and even refer more customers.

Secret #6 We have an established location and are locally owned and operated in St. Louis Mo, with a vested interest in our reputation in your community. We only WIN . . if you WIN!

Bonus Secret #7 Since we have an established Retail Jewelry location . . . on items that can be refurbished and resold, we will offer a much higher price by selling the item on consignment for you in Our store . . . allowing you to "Strike It Big". See if this option is available at a "Gold Buyer" place, a Hotel Event, a Home Party, Pawn Shop or a Mail in Service.





When you come in, bring all paperwork you may have; appraisals, receipts, lab reports, or certifications.

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