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St. Louis Gold Buyers

by Vincent's Jewelers

Don't Be Fooled

Some individuals sell old unwanted Jewelry because it is just that, unwanted jewelry. But some sell Jewelry as a way to raise Cash. Regardless of the reason, you will be handled with courtsey, resepect, and professionalism. For those needing to raise cash, you will feel this philosophy even more.


Many businesses look down at and even take advantage of people needing to raise cash . . . we are here to serve you as equal customers and will help guide you in this need. . . . as you are a customer to us, a customer who can (If treated right) do future business with us and even refer more customers.


Your Options:




It seems pretty risky to ship YOUR valued possessions to someone you don't know ! You might find ads for Cash for Gold, or Cash for DIamonds, or Cash for Jewelry !

When you mail your gold, it can be very difficult to get your gold back; pressuring you to take a much lower offer on your gold. Our average price is HIGHER than the highest price found with most out of the town gold buyers. We are owned and operated right here in your home town! You don't have to mail your gold, wait for them to get your gold, and wait to get your check. We pay on the spot!


Most of the heavily advertised Hotel buying Events are held by Out of Town Entities. They have no connection to the Local Community and are not reliant on their on going reputation in the local community. As a locally owned and operated Business, we have a definite link and responsibility to The St. Louis Area. More important! We rely totally on Our on going reputation in the community.

These events often promote that they are buying for a limited time, they create sense of urgency. This high pressured environment is not for your benefit, it is for their benefit. You have to make a quick decision, which usually is a bad one.

Simply, WE HAVE a vested interest in providing the very best service, professionalism and PRICE! And, give you time to decide your best option.




With home parties, there are a lot of people with their hands in your pockets. Each taking a cut of your gold!



The Gold Buying Home Parties also known as the "Hosted" Gold Buying Parties are the latest fad, another concept to prey on the high price of gold. They are a fun social event for a group or family and/or friends but surely not the best way to sell your gold. The "Host" is doing it to make money, they often receive 10 to 20% of the total amount purchased! . . . . 10 to 20% that you could keep.

Now, often the "Host" is a charity. If you like the charity . . . you can still give the charity the exact same amount but write off more as a gift if you sell your gold for more, and give the entire amount as a donation. Simply, the Charity nets the same amount, but you can write off the 10 to 20% commission they receive as the "Host".

Also, note that many of the companies that help the "Host" set up the Gold Party provide an advertising allowance and/or provide assistance by providing post cards and door prizes . . . all these expenses are being taken from YOUR gold!





- In most cases, these operations have been open for a few years, in many cases just months.

- They can be locally owned or nationally owned.

- Some are paying fair prices for Gold, Some are NOT . . . But, they are just GOLD BUYERS.

In some cases they DON'T PAY for YOUR Diamonds and Gems, but they offer to "BREAK THEM OUT" for you . . . at YOUR Risk!

Before You "Break Out" gems to sell just your gold, bring your JEWELRY to a JEWELRY BUYER.

Another way to explain this is that the "Gold Buyer" pays a premium for the most liquid (the easiest to resell) leaving you with a baggie of the least liquid to sell. The gold can be sold the very next day for a profit, the buyer of the baggie of gems could take weeks, months, or years to resell. (Even Decades for some gems).

Now let me explain in simpler terms, if you have a running BMW, would you tear out the Engine so you can sell the steel to a scrap dealer ? NO WAY!
You would bring the BMW to a car dealer to sell it !

So why bring your Jewelry to a scrap buyer, when you may be able to sell it as piece of Jewelry ??




Pawn Shops have been serving the community by giving options to those needing quick cash and/or do not have credit. If you need a loan on Gold, Diamonds and Jewelry, they are a good option.

BUT, They may not your best option if you are SELLING your Gold, Diamonds, and Jewelry.   They can't offer the same options a Jeweler can.

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