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We have over 1,300 "Live" Bridal/Wedding Rings to choose from. These are not "Fake" Alloy Sample Type Rings, these are Real rings ready to take home the same day. We also have tens of thousands of Styles you can look at through Digital Catalogs. Vincent's is the St. Louis Engagment Ring Center.

Looking for Diamonds! We have over 1,400 Individual Diamonds over 1/2 Carats in Our Store to Choose from. The 4 C's are a great start when choosing Your Diamond, but we feel that comparing Diamonds side by side is the best way to pick the Perfect Diamond. We have St Louis Diamonds in all Shapes, Sizes and Quality . . so you can compare with your own eyes ! Vincent's is a St. Louis Diamond Center.

We are one of the largest Estate Diamond Buyers in the area, 70% of the diamonds we sell come from estates. These estate diamonds avoid the cost of mining, Processing, Cutting, Importing and the Mark up a wholesaler must add to diamonds.

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