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Why Buy Local ??

Some may ask why Buy Local, or from a Locally Owned and Operated Business ?? My quick answer, WHY NOT !!

But let's look at this a bit, If a locally owned and operated business can provide you with equal or better: Service, Product, and Pricing . . . here are somethings you may want to know.

More of the money spent at a local business stays in the community, a local business supports local charities (and at higher levels), a local business buys for community taste-not national driven taste, Owner and employees have a vested interest in their community, in most cases a local business does not demand community assistance such as tax breaks, and many more reasons.

My personal favorite reason to buy local, as a Miniature Schnauzer, I can't drive myself and must rely on people driving me. So I tend to visit local businesses.

Or Visit: (There are many sites dedicated to this topic but here is one)

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