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The Diamond Mine,

Located in St. Louis MO

I guess you want more information on this exciting find !!.  


Maybe where the Diamond Mine is located at ??   

Well if you thought this was true, it is easy to understand why so many fall victim to other silly claims many make out there.

The other claims businesses make may not be as far out there, but silly and mis-leadng just the same.

  "Wholesale to the Public"
  "Lowest Price Guarantee"
  "We Cut Our Own Diamonds"
  "We are Owned by a Diamond Wholesaler"
  "We are Sight holders"
  "We have our own Diamond Mine"
  "We Invented Diamonds"
(Just Kidding on this one, I hope)

You can visit our Page


to learn more.   I

Diamonds in St. Louis
Your Experienced Home Town Team Providing: 
Diamond Education, Diamond Selection, and  Competitive Diamond Pricing !
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