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Many Retail Jewelers have come and gone.  Many open up with big fan fare and then fizzle out by closing or being bought out by another entity. 

You can't meet the Owners of all the National Retail Jewelers, some even tout to be your "Friend".    How can they be your "Friend" if you have never met or talked to them before ?

Missourian and past U.S. President Harry S. Truman stated that the "Buck Stops Here !".    Where does the Buck Stop with Big Nationally Owned Retail Jeweler, if you have an issue can you speak with the owner ?

At Vincent's Jewelers, there is no guessing who the Owners & Operators are !   They are right here in the store, and now with Maria Lentini (Vito's Daughter) joining the team, the next generation is getting ready to carry the torch !

Many other stores show a large list of diamonds that are not even in their store much less own . . . you can't compare imaginary diamonds side by side.   Many stores talk to you about and show you sheets of paper (Lab Reports) instead of Diamonds.    You are not going to put a piece of paper on her hand, you are putting a Diamond on her hand !!   

Your Diamond purchase should be a very special purchase.   Comparing Diamonds side by side is the best way to pick out that Special "I Love You" Diamond !

At Vincent's Jewelers, there is no guessing at what you are buying, we will explain to you the differences between diamonds . . . better yet will will show you the differences !!   AND let you pick out the attributes YOU like !!     Let us demonstrate why Our large in-store Inventory and Our connections to World Wide Diamond Exchanges can work to YOUR advantage !! 

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