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Buying a Diamond On-Line

Quick Answer: You are buying a symbol of your love that can last generations, this deserves more effort than clicking and shipping! It deserves your personal touch, and your personal viewing.

  • It makes more sense to look at diamonds in person. Pricing only tells 1/10th of the story, you need to see the characteristics of the diamonds. This way you can decide what characteristics you like and don't like . . . . then focus on finding the best value. Without looking, you may find what appears to be the best value, but hate the characteristics of the diamond. You simply can't truly compare diamonds with out seeing them.

  • Each Diamond is unique, there are no two diamonds alike. For a 1.00 Round Diamond G color SI1 Clarity, you will see price variance of up to 40% from lowest to highest . . . on the same site! It is overwhelming! We will explain and show the unique characteristics of each diamond. We help you find the right, unique one of a kind diamond for you, with no stress, no pressure.

  • You can find the same on-line values and selection with the service you deserve right here at Vincent's Jewelers the best Diamonds in St Louis

  • Don't "Click and Ship" your Diamond

  • Don't go to some secluded office to look at diamonds

  • Don't search a confusing "make believe" diamond list

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