In the 39 year history of Vincent’s Jewelers, we have run just a few Inventory reduction events. When we moved from Downtown to Our current location, we ran an event to sell the jewelry we were not carrying at our new location. Years later, we ran another event to reduce Our inventory by ½ million dollars. Both events were successful, they were legitimate inventory reduction events, bringing real savings to our customers.

We have a need to once again reduce inventory, but only in certain categories. Throughout this year, we will announce a category and how many units in that category we want to reduce inventory by. It will be a great opportunity!! Each category reduction will run until we reach the stated unit reduction. The event will not include consignment items.

Event Began  - March 9th 2020 - COVID-19 Postponed and NOW CLOSED OUT !

A strand of pearls is one of the most basic jewelry items, can be worn anytime . . . heck even June Cleaver wore them while cleaning the house.

We have 128 strands of pearls in inventory (UPDATE 123 Strands), we want to knock it down to an even 100. So we will have 65% off the tagged price off any strand of pearls in the store that is not on consignment. It ends when we reach the goal of selling 28 (23) strands.

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