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Lowest Diamond Prices: Gauranteed !

You hear these "Lowest Price Diamond Guarantee" claims and you think "What do they really mean". Well just like political statements these days, you have to listen to the words, then you need to read the fine print. It is all in the fine print, and they ALL have fine print.


But lets back off the fine print a bit, if you have at least two stores in the same area who claim to have a lowest price type guarantee, you should be able to go back and forth and eventually get your diamond for just ONE DOLLAR ! Well of course you are not going to buy your diamond for a dollar. But how can this be? Again, It all in the fine print, and they ALL have fine print.


The fine print may contain language as to whose price they will match, or that that reserve the right to beat the price, or at their sole discretion they will beat the price. Another one is that will beat the price, or give you your money back . . . giving you your money back is NOT a real lowest price guarantee.


So with all this fine print, these lowest price guarantees are just gimmicks, to make you feel content and to be able to say the words “LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE” in their ads.



Let's look into another situation.   If a store has a 30 day no questions asked return policy, which would include that you found a better deal . . . there is no reason to state that you have 30 days to find a lower price or they will give you a full refund.    The first no questions asked return policy covers the lower price policy.    BUT, again they want to throw out the lowest price guarantee in their ads.          

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