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Help The Staff at Vincent's Jewelers


As a locally owned and operated family business, I am trying to figure out a way to provide for the staff and families during the time we are closed for the St. Louis County Coronavirus "Stay in Place" order.

All bills have to be paid with ZERO revenue coming in while closed and also keep my staff and their families a float !!


Some alternatives could have been to try to do an "By Appointment" type operation, but we would still be having non essential contact and would not be operating in the spirit of what the "Stay in Place" order is about.

HERE IS MY SOLUTION:   If you are in the need or know anyone in need of a Diamond Engagement ring, give us the opportunity to fill the need with a few twists, all at Special Pricing and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !


Email me at, or call the store at (314) 989-9030  we can set up a time that I can walk you through our extensive inventory via the phone.   If we find one you like, I will set it in a solitaire type mounting and ship it to you all at very reduced pricing and  with  100% exchange and/or 100% refundable guarantee.   With 100% of the revenue going to the staff and their families !


After the "stay in Place" order is lifted you can come in and pick out a mounting for it together.   With 100% of the revenue going to the staff and their families !

If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate, To HELP THE STAFF

email information to, we will contact you to handle payment over the phone for the gift certificate
we need Your name, The person you are giving it to and the amount. We will mail you the certificate as well as enter it into our system.

gift cert.jpg

This is Zach and his Family, he is one of our Jewelers.   This is just one of 13 families we are trying to provide for while we are doing Our part to fight the Coronavirus and follow the Spirit of the St. Louis County “Stay At Home” order. 


There is a wonderful story that could be told with this family !  


We are a locally owned family business and ask that you not only give us a chance to “Earn Your Business”, but you give us a chance to “Help You Help Us”  Provide for 13 Families !!

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