Here We go Again, another Price Declining Item 

We have a 1 carat total diamond weight bracelet set in 14 karat yellow gold ! The price will start at $2,400, and the price will be reduced $50 per day until it sells.

It will go on sale November 2nd 2017 !

The price will start at $2,000 on November 3rd, and will be reduced $50 per day until it sells. 

The longer it takes to sell, the cheaper it becomes, but wait too long and it could be gone !!

On November 2nd it was $2,400 
As of November 2ndd CURRENT PRICE $2,400
It's Been a long time, so It's about time for a price declining item !

14K white gold diamond halo earrings

1.13 carat total diamond weight

They start at $4,300 and will go on sale September 19th 2020 !

The price will be reduced $100 per day until they sell.   The longer they take to sell, the cheaper they become, but wait too long and they could be gone !!


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On September 19th $4,300 
As of September 19th CURRENT PRICE $4,300