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11733 Olive Blvd

St. Louis MO 63141

(314) 989-9030


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Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings


Welcome to Our Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings page.   You can click on any of the options on the right side of the page.  You can view the Vincent's Collection, Design Your own Ring, or Our Partnered Designers ! 


You can also read about Our Philosophy below.

More than 1,000 Bridal/Wedding Rings to Choose From.   

These are not alloy samples, they are Live rings . . . ready to take home !

Engagement Rings in St. Louis, MO

Diamonds & Engagement Rings have been the foundation of Our Business since Our inception.   We have evolved in many ways since then, but  Diamonds & Engagement Rings remain as Our foundation. 


At Vincent's Jewelers in St. Louis, MO we prefer the hands-on method. That's why we carry a 600+ Engagement Rings and Wedding type rings in stock that you can see and try on.  To enhance this selection, we have added hundreds of special alloy sample rings, that you can see and try on as well.  Then, if necessary, we can add catalogs and digital images to that selection. It could take days to go through Our entire selection.  



If you can't find exactly what you're looking for ... we still have you covered. We have award-winning designers on staff and a complete manufacturing facility in our store, so we can help you create your own unique design.   Check out "Custom Designs" under the menu to the left.   Watch the video to learn more about custom designs.


This is the real hidden treasure at Vincent's Jewelers. You will notice that we don't carry most of the heavily promoted, branded lines in our store in St. Louis, MO. We have never been able to justify the huge premium the designers charge just for their name.

Instead, we use our buying expertise to select top designs and premium quality merchandise, so we can offer our customers outstanding values without having to pay huge premiums.


As a locally owned and operated business in St. Louis, you don't have to look far to get any issue resolved. There is no corporate headquarters to call, or strict company policies to follow. All your needs are addressed in our store as quickly as possible, because we know that customer satisfaction has been the key to growing our business for the past 28 years.

Then consider Our expert staff

Our employees have an average industry experience of 20 years, with an average tenure at Vincent's of 15 years. This means you will be dealing with the same experienced staff that you know and trust, time after time, for years to come.

You can get the Quality and Value you want, with the Service you deserve!  Visit us, and Experience a Full Service Professional Retail Jewelry Store !


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How To Choose a Diamond
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Engagement Ring Collection
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Design Your Own Ring

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Come in and

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This is a basic ring with changes customer requested, step by step using Our Computer Design System

Partnered Designers
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